On Second Thought…


I woke up this morning at 5:30am for my rainy run. I have no problem getting up that early to work out, but the thought of mucking around Central Park seemed too miserable to me. I haven’t had the chance/funds to purchase any “real” running clothes, so I would’ve had to run in a cotton ensemble which would have rendered me a drowned rat. So I hit the snooze and rolled back into bed.

Seeking to further justify my decision, I asked a friend (who also happens to be training for her second half marathon) if she runs in the rain. Her short answer: no. Basically she told me that once you run in the rain your sneakers will dry out, but they are never again the same. However, she said I should absolutely run at least once in the rain for the experience in case there is rain on race day.

So, no, today will not be my first rainy run. I’ll put that off for when I am better equipped to handle the elements. While the treadmill is not ideal, it will have to do today.


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