Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 Miler

“Great success!”  – Borat

Yesterday I completed my first race. The night before my race I was a ball of nerves. Luckily I was exhausted from a long day and had no trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour. I woke up at 6:30, as I hadn’t yet picked up my race day materials.

I picked up my materials which included an Achilles Race T-shirt, my bib #, and a timing chip. I had no idea how to secure the timing chip to my shoe, so I casually watched a few other runners fasten theirs before I made my attempt. I also struggled a tad with my bib, adjusting it a few times trying to force it to lay flat. I was never on an athletic team when I attended Ithaca College, but I felt like I needed to represent my Alma matter’s gold and blue colors. Go Bombers!

Here I am with my gear, ready to go:


Around 8:00 they made the announcement for everyone to line up. I’m a slow runner, so normally I average a 10 minute mile. I figured that my nerves would make me run a bit faster, so I lined up in the 9 minute mile corral. I probably could’ve waiting a bit longer to line up, because I kind of just stood there being nervous for a good 15 minutes. Here I am standing and waiting:


8:20 was the start of the wheelchair race, and before I knew it the alarm rang for the rest of the runners to begin. It took a couple minutes to actually cross the start line, and the first mile it was pretty slow and congested. When I passed the first mile marker, it was approaching 12 minutes. At that time I was worried about not even making a 10 minute mile pace, so I picked up my speed from there. I skipped the first water station. I was a tad “over hydrated” (ahem…) and I was nervous about drinking too much and needing to take a pit stop.

Approaching the 3 mile mark, I really felt like I had picked up steam and caught up with the rest of the 9 minute mile group. That is until a fan yelled out “Here comes the 10 minute mile group!”  Crap. So I picked up my pace again, determined to run a 9 minute mile.

After mile four I started really pushing toward the finish. A little too soon. I started losing steam around 4.5, and started thinking that I pushed my pace up too soon before the finish line. However, I was quickly re-energized once I heard the music and crowds cheering at the finish.  With the finish line in view I sprinted toward the end. I was so fast that Brendan was barely able to snap a photo of me crossing the finish line!


I was on such an adrenaline rush that I forgot to even look up at my time. Luckily Brendan informed me later that it showed 46:50. Not too bad!

Here I am post race with my medal:


I knew the 46:50 time wasn’t exact, especially because it took so long for me to cross the starting line. So I checked the website today. Official time? 44:47! A 8:57 pace. Amazing!

achilles time1

I’m so happy I have my first run under my belt. I felt great afterwards and this makes me so much more confident for my half marathon in October.


2 responses to “Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 Miler

  1. Great job on your run! That is a great time. I was sent over to your blog by Brandon’s Marathon blog. Congrats again and have fun with your training!!!

  2. I’m really impressed honey! Great Job! Looks like you’re on track for the half marathon in October!!!

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