I’m a Half Marathoner

I have learned so much over the past 6 months about myself. I learned that you can make time for anything that you have a passion for. I also learned that I do not have a passion for updating this blog.

Without further ado…Half Marathon race photos!

SDC10953With Dad.SDC10954With BF. New ImageBest race number ever…1111!SDC10960Hey there!


So happy. I know it looks like I’m walking, but I SWEAR I ran the full 13.1 without a single walk break.

SDC10965Slight hill…on the home stretch!SDC10968

One of the only pictures of me not smiling or waving like an idiot. Looking back I probably could have finished quicker had I not expended so much energy waving and thanking every volunteer. I was so thrilled I  just couldn’t help myself! Next race I’ll try to focus a bit more.


SDC10970SDC10971Finished! My official time was 2:18:21 which is a 10:34 pace. Much slower than I was hoping, but realistically I did not train for speed, just distance. My next half marathon I’ll be sure to focus more on speed training.

Thanks for reading! I’m signing off for now, but I’m continuing my journey as a runner off-line. In the next year I hope to complete at least one more half and have been considering a full with plans for a whole bunch of shorter races in between.




3 responses to “I’m a Half Marathoner

  1. Congratulations on your half marathon. What a great accomplishment. You look so happy and cheerful in the pictures. All the best to you in your coming half marathons and full marathons. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Job Lindsay! You look like your enjoying every moment! Very motivating! I wonder, Do you also use weights for your muscles? And if, Which comes 1st? Cardio or weight lifting?

  3. It is indeed fun to be doing marathons and running for a cause, it makes you hit two birds with one stone!

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