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Stretchin’ It


Last night I decided to switch up the usual Central Park 3 mile run for one along the Hudson River. I don’t have a Garmin (drool) to calculate the distance of my runs, so I have to plan them out ahead of time so I know how far to run. I found a couple cool sites to help me do just that.


I’ve been looking for a site like this. Basically you can choose any portion of NYC (or any other large city for that matter) and it provides detailed information about runs available in the area. It even tells you where there are water and bathroom stops!


This is the USA Track and Field website. It’s a great resource for many things running-related, but the most useful tool for me is the “map my run” feature. Basically it’s a Google map that you can input your desired start and end point of your run. This allows you to map a run according to how far you’d like to go. I’ve found other sites that offer a similar service, but I like this one because it doesn’t have annoying pop up ads and is very user friendly.

So using those two tools, I settled on a run that took me right 1.5 miles out from my doorstep and back again for a nice 3 mile run. Running along the river was a nice change of scenery, but I have to say I think I still prefer the park. When you’re in the park you’re surrounded by nature (well, nature by NYC standards…), while running along Hudson you have the river on one side, and the West Side Highway on the other. Not exactly the most serene of settings.

The first thing I do after my run is make sure to stretch. I’m not sure if I was thrown of because ended my run at my apartment, or if I was just high from all the fumes I inhaled from the highway run, but for some reason I completely forgot to stretch. I didn’t remember until I woke up at 5am this morning incredibly sore. I won’t be making that mistake again!